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GT3582R high flow
Dual port Actuator



Originating from "MUNRO RACING" which was a drag race team
owned by Brian munro. His car was a Mark 2 Ford Escort with a 2ltr Cosworth
  turbo engine elapsing 9.7 secs 1/4 mile. The car was home built on a tight budget and, with help from brother Glenn Munro, developed into a very high powered street car, trying many experiments which is where the turbo skills originated.                                                                                   
          The Intitial, very big help from Brian, boosted the business to developed into specializing in turbocharger modifications and exchange upgrade turbo's.       
Glenn Munro now runs and operates Munro Racing Turbo chargers and constantly develops products and services that many business do not supply or specialize in. He has 30 years of profesionally building and experimenting with turbocharger designs and Advanced technical machining and fabrication skills and certified in advance engineering.

Brian with his Escort9.7 second escortEscort 2lt cosworth engine

After many years of tests,experiments,research, turbo building and the
tricks discovered in Turbocharger repairs and modifications, the business has evolved into something which is hard to match in price and service.

Some of the cars which "Munro Racing turbochargers" modified turbochargers helped power are very well known in the drag racing sport, including Mark Ashfords 7.9
second 200sx which went from 8.9 seconds to 8.1 seconds with one
of the extremely customized turbochargers.
Of course Brian Munro's 9 second 2LT Turbo Mk 2 escort is still remembered
as a pioneering tough steet four cylinder today when it held the SSCC drag racing record for many years.

With the big demand for high flowed and upgraded turbochargers the business has also added supplying exchange high flowed turbochagers of the more popular types.