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             SUMMARY of 1970 “VIP by Chrysler” VG Sedan. For sale


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                     The “ VIP by Chrysler” Model VG, was a Chrysler Australia development of the Valiant  , being 5 inches longer and fitted with extras as standard ,a squared off roofline to the small “limo” rear window and 4 headlights, sets it apart from the Valiant. The interior trim on seating was of  upgraded material. The equipment were high with full carpeting , armrest on all 4 doors and in the centre of the front and rear seats, heater-demister,dual horns, lights in the engine compartment and boot, courtesy switches and pockets on all doors, rear passenger personal lighting,  a vanity mirror mounted inside the glovebox lid, fake wood grain finish on instrument panel and door trim. Coaxial power steering and front disc brakes as standard equipment. Integrated air conditioning is fitted as standard (option) on VIP and a clock. The VG Series offered 3 types of hemi engines; 165 bhp , 185 bhp,two barrel & 195 bhp for VG Pacer…and 318 cid.230 bhp V8 . …..The Hemi 245 introduced features which clearly made it the best Australian Six of the day..


This VIP was purchased in November 1991 from a Charger restorer, who had removed the 318 V8 & G/box. The body needed attention ..But the interior was in excellent condition …the speedo read 035,824 miles. The speedo now reads 096800 miles.            The recovery started with a fully reconditioned 265ci Hemi  and a good borg warner box, a new 3 row radiator was fitted as part of the maximum cooling package (factory option). Then the car then registered.   The VIP was given to the panelshop for panel repairs & repainted in the original colour brown; at same time the trimmers fitted a new vinyl padded roof…”Parchment” colour…(as specs.) and fresh carpets , dash cover and rear shelf cover carpeted. New tinted  front screen  fitted, with new rubbers, also rear “limo” window with new rubber & filler strip .On reassembly , stainless steel fastenings were used to secure the trim items .Much rechroming was done prior assembly..along with cadmium plating of assorted bolts & door strike blocks.
This Aussie Mopar was ment to be driven  !! .The VIP became  the 2nd vehicle to a  VJ Regal wagon , so there was regular periods, when the car was put aside and its recovery continued.


The 4 doors had window tracks and seals replaced, each of the 8 door hinges  were reworked and now doors have no detectable up/down movement. Each 4 door body opening had new rubber seals fitted; also the boot opening had a new sealing rubber fitted. A boot opening  remote-opening   lever has been fitted…(Chrysler Option) . Central locking  was fitted to each door , key actuated from either front door….This SO convenient !..       A VIP has a factory fitted remote operated Rh.driver door rear vision mirror…A Left Hand remote mirror ,ex USA, was fitted to passenger- side door.
The handling of a VIP is origionally rather “soft”…The much improved cross-member from a CM Valiant  was fitted ,along with new rubbers on lower arm and stabilizing  bar ;.New upper control arms were fitted  with “AutoDrive” (ex U.S.) offset inner bushes…(.These will allow up to 6 degree caster, to give excellent directional steering ( New upperarms were required to  illuminate bumpsteer which is common with old valiants). A low-milage power-steering box  was located and fitted with a  kit, consisting of  ’O’ rings and seals.(Chrysler genuine part.) and Endfloat and Lash adjustments  set to min. specs; The CM crossmember was assembled with new ball joints..The idler steering arm rubber bushing removed and replace with a ball bearing kit ..this removes that bit of flex .  The narrow rear leaf springs were replaced by the wider rear springs from the CM  Valiant…Wider springs have wider bushes, so less side body movement. A rear stabilizing  bar was fitted across the back axle.

          Switches…. The floor located, Hi / Lo beam dipper switch  and wipers on the dash , are at most times,  difficult to access. So the steering column from the CM Valiant was  fitted …this put those difficult-to- reach switches, to be easily accessed mounted  on the CM’s steering column…This lead to install the more maintenance friendly CM fuse box..replacing the rather limited fusing in early models. Extensive use of relays saves those precious little switches..
The steering column upgrade started the keeping of wiring connection and circuitry records in “THE BOOK”.  The Book is where ALL electrical changes are closely detailed with identifications.

The installation of fuel injection  was the upgrade to bring the VIP into the 2000 s. The completed installation had to look like it were from Factory!  ( much to the horror of the auto purists)     All the wiring , relating to fuel and ignition management, carry a number and this  I.D. is noted on the circuit in” THE BOOK”. All components used , are readily available across-the-counter parts. All components ,wiring & relays are accessable and not hidden, which would make any fault finding easy. All hardware , plemum chamber , air runners, fuel rail , injector mounts,all  had to be best possible. Of all the fuel management computers available , INJECT ‘s unit is a  basic two mode , user-frendly unit is so  suitable for a cruiser VIP.
The extra Torque from the EFI 265  caused the Auto box to be rebuilt with Heavyduty parts.That was in april ’98 at 46000 miles.. and since then ,apart from tuning /trimming ,trouble free. A knock sensor is mounted  at the redundant fuel pump site. A readout can be mounted on the dash,along with the O2 indication, as required. The 265 Hemi uses 95 / 98 octane.

At 95,000 miles ,The cylinder head (130 psi) was replace by a (145 psi) cylinder head ; which was overhauled,  with new inlet valves, valve guides with ports ,inlet & exhaust ,smoothed and polished.The single exhaust manifold was replaced by a twin exhaust manifold ,where the 3 wire Oxy ,O2 sensor is mounted  down just passed the exhaust  junction ,this can  give continuous 02 indication  as  required…The opportunity was taken to go thru the brakes…rebuild the Mastercylinder, Rebuild the rear wheel cylinders; Front calliper cylinders dismantled and cleaned; Vacuum brake actuater had new seals fitted. The brake linings were found to be in very good condition.
The engine block assembly remains untouched ,no evident oil burning  since the original build at 35824 miles.